Sending in Samples

With Seed Check you have a choice of Purolator, DHL, or Greyhound. We just ask that you use our account number for courier service and prepaid (station to station) greyhound weigh bills we send you. Sample bags half full are enough for germination and Fusarium tests and cost less to ship. Also, if you have 3 or more tests to put in a bag this helps us to keep costs down. (Don’t worry if you are in a hurry and only have one: send it on) These tips help us keep prices low. Need more bags or shipping supplies give us a call!

How Much Seed?

How much seed can a Seed Check tech check? We are optimists and see the bag half full! For routine germination, disease, and vigour testing that is all the seed we need (about 250 grams). Beware bags stuffed too full can break open in the mail. Remember though for purity on large crop kinds we need two bags or at least 1000 grams.

We Keep our Germs to our Self!

Germinations that is! This includes all other tests and information. We are fully accredited and privately staff owned so we have no reason to share results. We also have a privacy policy insuring your result information and personal information is secure. We only use the information to contact you. If you want results to go to a third party we will do so only at your request.

We Care if You Carry Over

Ever wondered why there is a spot on our bag to check off if your seed is from a previous crop season? The reason is that carry over seed should not be pre-chilled as part of the germination test. Pre-chilling non-dormant seed can be damaging and may reduce germination potential. So don’t forget to check the box when seed is not new harvest!